Everyone owns a smartphone nowadays and the chances are everyone would be wondering how to get more battery life from smartphones. Smartphones have conquer computers nowadays and are capable of doing what computers can do but the only area where they lack is their battery life.  Android is one of the most popular operating system and has more than 60% of the smartphone market. We all know what android operating system is capable off and how optimised it is for our devices. But still most of the smartphones only last a day. I remember my school days when I used to had pentium3 on my Computer  and now my smartphone has eight cores in it. The world has advanced so much.  I remember my Nokia phone which used to last 3 days on a single charge and now my phone only last a day.
There are plenty of apps in the market which says that they extendedProperty battery of phones but truly speaking none of them works.
I have tried so many apps and so many settings and tweaking but it didn't helped.
But there are some battery savers app which did worked for me actually. I am going to share my top recommended battery savers app.

1. Juice defendor
Am pretty sure you must have heard of juice defendor app which is one of the best app in the market. What if I tell you that it is and it's not.
If you are using the trial free version of this app , then it's not worth it and is not saving any juice for your smartphone. Trial version only disables mobile data when not in use which you can do manually aswell. I would recommend you to buy the paid supreme version which gives you tonnes of features  to play with
Juice defendor paid version actually worked and increases you battery life by 40%. I am personally using it and my galaxy s4 gives me more than 2 days of battery life with juice defendor enabled. I actually have taken a screen shot of my phone as a proof at the end of this article.

2 . longevity battery saver.
This one comes from trend micro and is a free app and  it saves battery upto 25%.
I really don't know what it does but I have personally tested it and it does gives you phone 25% more juice. My s4 ran for 1 day 15hrs with this one and most of the time  I was on wireless connection and  did watched some videos on YouTube.
I you don't want to but juice defendor paid app then I would recommend you to give longevity a try.

This is the screen shot of my galaxy s4 using juice defendor.

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  1. Thanks for the review of those apps. Battery longevity is a real problem when using apps.

    1. Is it so, I have used it for 3 days without any issues.

  2. Hi Manshu, thanks for such a wonderful information! I was searching for it for so long... Now I can spread the message to my colleagues & friends also who are longing to own such a mobile...