Everything about PS4

               Everything about ps4
The Sony PlayStation 4, or PS4 as many will call it, is due for release on 29 November in Europe, and a little earlier on 15 November in the USA.

Ps4 hardware specs:

single-chip x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8-core processor.
1.84 teraflops AMD Radeon graphics engine
500gb harddrive.
Usb 3.0
Blueray drive
Supports  games at 60fps

There are no rounded tops or curves here, everything is flattened. The new console will sit vertically or horizontally, so will either fit into your existing TV stand, or become a monolith showpiece in its own right.

PS4 price

£349 in the UK, €349 in Europe, and $399 in the US. That's £80 cheaper than the Xbox One.

Psn service at less than $5 a month
No drm issues
4k hdmi cable included
1 headset included.