Trojan Removal Tool

Not all trojans are removed from your antivirus and even the biggest antivirus tools doesnt help when it comes to complex trojans and script viruses. but thanks to simplysuper software that they came up with this amazing effective tool which wipes out even the most dangerous trojans from any computer

this software is easy to use and there is no need to install it as it comes ina portable file which executes and runs

           download the link below and just let it run for complete trojan removal process

                                                                          Safe Link

How To Remove Shortcut Virus from windows pc

If you are facing problem with shortcut virus on your windows pc then this is the right post for you.

click on the below link and download shortcut virus software from the official website and install it. this software is compatible with all antivirus and is free to use offline

                                              CLICK ON THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD


Today , we will share a cool software to download things fast from the internet. This software is already pre activated and is available free to download.
                                        Please click the below link to use this software

Download the software and unzip the file using wizzip and install it on C drive.

All credits goes to the original owner of the software


'SquareHome' is a new launcher application with Windows 8 styles.
Enjoy the usability and beauty beyond Windows 8.

You can use the following features very intuitively with 'SquareHome'.

- create a tile by dragging an application, shortcut or widget.
- resize the tile by dragging right-bottom corner.
- control the size of widget in a tile by clicking the centeral button when resizing it.
- change the style and form of a tile.
- so many forms are supported: auto image, custom image, CPU load, available memory, battery level,  missed calls, unread messages, unread Gmails, date/time...
- apply a theme or icon pack easily.
- make group of tiles and set the group label by tapping the header of it.
- create a folder by dragging the group header.
- easy search for applications, shortcuts and widgets.
- hide useless applications.
- assign behaviors to many gestures.
- other many intuitive features.

Required Android O/S : 2.2 + 2.2+