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Hi guys , today we are going to discuss some of the best cheap smartphones which one can consider.These phones may not likely be upto the market standards but  we cannot ignore their specifications and price.


It is not the best smartphone from LG but has got some decent specs and one of the best mid range smartphone to consider.currently it is available for less than $50 from Att.
 Key Features
  • 4.7-inch Capcitive Touchscreen
  • 13 MP Primary Camera
  • 1.5 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • 1.3 MP Secondary Camera
  • Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS
  • FULL HD Recording 

This one from HTC might have a smaller screen of 4.3 inchec but when it comes to hardware , no other mid range phone can beat has a 5.0 mega pixel camera with capability of recording in full hd 1080p resolution.

  • It packs a 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 400 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2000mah of battery
  • 4.3 inches HD screen
Htc first is selling around $99 if you can find some place.


You can get this one for the same price of LG optimus g but this one has defenitely got an edge over lg optimus.

  • 4.5inch HD screen
  • 8mp camera with 1080p video recording
  • supports 4 LTE
  • coming  a a price of just $49 

This one comes from Google and is one of the best android platform device from google's line of Nexus series. we all have seen the leaked pictures of Nexus5 , if you havent you can check here Nexus5 leaked photos
  • 1.6Ghx Krait processor
  • 8mp camera
  • 4.2.2 android version which is upgradable to 4.3.0
  • HD resolution
  • Price:$299


                                                           LG NEXUS5 LEAKED PHOTOS
After the success of Nexus4 , we all have been waiting for Nexus5. There were lots of rumours and concept photos of nexux 5 on the internet but now it seems the real photos of Nexus5 has finally been leaked.

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Guys , We today I am going to show a very simple way to transfer your media files from your android phone to any other device like iphone, Mac or your ipad.

STEP1. Just download this app called SEND ANYWHERE from the play market and install it on your smartphone.

STEP2 . Just select any file which you want to share and press send button the application,  once you do that , a message will be sent to the other device and a 6 digit code will be generated.  Just put that 6 digit code on the app and within minutes you will get that file. Isn't that amazing. For sharing files between android and apple devices , it's a great app as iphone and I pads Do not have blue tooth or wifi direct options.

The best thing about this application is that there is no need to login or sign up to use this app. Just install and start sharing.
This app is free in the play market and  I have mentioned the download link to get this app.

Download link : send anywhere

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I am late in writing this article on phonebloks but it's worth writing for. This new concept is everywhere on the internet and will change and bring revolution in the world of smartphones. One would certainly give away their iphones and s4's for this conceptual smartphone called phoneblok. This concept looks amazing and need more awareness among us so that we can protect our environment . As we all know mobile phones and their batteries are not recyclable and increasing to  electronic waste. This device will cut down waste and will also save the environment from electronic waste. What do you do if any hardware of your smartphone gets faulty , what if your phone's battery dies off. These things looks very small but  with billions and trillions of people around the globe , these small these adds to electronic waste. So to overcome this problem , a Dutch designer Dave Hawkins has proposed a LOGO type smartphone called PHONEBLOKS which would enable to change or swap hardware parts of your phone when they gets faulty or ages. So with this idea , you don't have to throw away your entire phone. If your antenna or battery dies off,  you can change them. If  you want a new display , you can simply change it so as other parts of your phone. This concept is in the developing stage . I have posted the link of phoneblok video by Dave Hawkins from youtube. It's my humble request to watch the video and support this amazing concept to save environment. Don't forget to press the Like Button on the video.
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                                    UPCOMING TABLETS TO LOOK FOR

This tablet has got some amazing specs for a tablet and is coming later this month. Galaxy 10.1 will boast a stunning 2560 x 1600 resolution display , a latest version of jelly bean with customed touch wiz launcher and an octa core version processor , 3gb of ram . This tablet will also come with Samsung's knox solution for enterprise security. One good thing for news lover is,  samsung is planning to give free subscriptions for new York times and bloom berg news with galaxy note 10.1
This tablet comes from the famous samsung galaxy note line up so it will also come with a stylish stylus. Samsung galaxy note 10.1 will Compete with lenevo and nexus.

Toshiba is planning to release their 8 inch tablet in the  market. Encore gives a decent 1280 x 800 resolution display and but it's not running an android os. Toshiba has chosen to release encore with windows platform. Encore is packed with Intel's 1.8GHz Bay Trail Atom processor and will be launched with windows 8.1 which is itself is believed to launch on 18th October this year. So we are hoping to see this fabulous tablet by November.
Toshiba encore is totally optimised by for business purpose with Microsoft office student version included and an optimised skype version for better experience. If you will 32gb of internal memory is not enough then you can increase the memory with the help of a memory card as this device does have a micro dd slot.
Expected released date is early November.

3 . ARCHOS 101X S2
After the success full market of 101 XS launched last year , Archos  is planning to release their latest tablet 101X S2   this year.  Not to mention it's a convertible style android tablet which looks very stylish and amazing by the looks and also feature some decent specs. This device gives a resolution of 1200*800 display and is running a 1.6Ghz krait processor with amazing IPS display and will come with android 4.1 but will be upgraded to 4.3 later.
It's a convertible style tablet so keyboard is also included with becomes a stand when not used. The expected price of this is around $350 which is a pretty decent amount for a convertible style tablet.

This one comes from a laptop manufacturer company which has shown how good they are in tablet industry last year. Lenevo think pas yoga 2 pro comes with a massive 13.3 inches screen and gives a resolution of 3200*1800 display. It's packed with an inter processor with windows 8.1 running  with only 8GB of memory.
One distinguish feature of this tablet is   its mode. Yes , it's a 360 degree convertible tablet and provides 4 different modes like stand,  tent , tab and laptop. This will be launched during December and is expected to be around $1000.
 Now the last tablet we have on our list is from lg.

5 . LG G PAD
LG is back with a bang and is releasing their tablet which comes with 1920 x 1200 resolution screen and packs a 1.6Ghz processor with 2gb of ram. LG g pad will come with dual cameras , 5 mp for rear and 2mp for front . This tablet will Compete with nexus 7 and apple I pad mini.

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Apple on Tuesday unveiled two new
iPhones, fielding a slick new top-end model along  withone aimedat budget-conscious smartphoneshoppers around the world.
"The business has become solarge that this year we are goingto replace the iPhone 5 and weare going to replace it with two new designs," Apple chief Tim
Colk ann ounced at the compa-nys Silicon Valley headquarters.Apple will begin taking orders on Friday and on September 20 the two devices will go on sale in the US, Australia, Britain,
China, France, Germany, Japan and Singapore.
The iPhone 5C is part of Apple's bid to counter the flood of low-cost smartphones from rivals, most of which use the Google Android operating system. Apple designer Jony Ive said that despite the lower the cost, polycarbonate iPhone 5C with a steel frame is beautiful."
The iPhone 5 with 16 gigabytes of memory will start at $99 with a two-year US carrier contract and without a contract--$100less than previous iPhone base models.
"The 5C is a no-compromise device," said Van Baker, analyst at researchfirm Gartner "It is just in aplastic case instead of ametal case, and they basically reduce the
price by the cost of materials." Baker said it was an "open question" whether the price cut for the iPhone 5C would be enough to attract customers in emerg
ing markets. Anyone expecting Apple to come truly down-market with the iPhone 5C was fooling them
selves," said Ovum analyst Tony Cripps. "The day that happens is the day the company signals that it has run out of headroom for expansion."
The top-line iPhone 5S, which starts at $199 with a contract for the US buyers and $649 without one, is the most forward thinking phone we have ever created,"
said Apple vice president Phil S Schiller.
Schiller said the 5s model includes a speedier chip which
puts computing performance on par with desktop machines. "It has over a billion transistors in it.''

The 5S will also have some 10 hours of talk time, or 40 hours of music listening, Schiller added Apple introduced a finger-print sensor for the iPhone 5S as a new security measure in place of passwords. "You can
just press the home button to unlock your phone," Schiller said. "You can use it to authenticate iTunes purchases."
Apple said its iOS 7 software will debut September 18.
It includes a free iTunes Radio Service featuring more than 200 stations "and an incredible catalog of music from the iTunes Store.
The two new handsets keep the four-inch screen of current iPhones, despite some speculation Apple would boost the size to compete with phones larger from rivals like Samsung.
The smartphone market is now dominated by Android
devices, with roughly three- fourths of all handsets, but a
forecast by research firm ID suggested Apple will increase its share this year to 17.9% from
IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said that with the 5C, Apple is
staking out its space in the lower-cost smartphone category."
Llamas said Apple is seeking to fend off lower-priced rivals while it enjoys bigger profit margins and still maintains the aura of being an aspirational brand