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I am late in writing this article on phonebloks but it's worth writing for. This new concept is everywhere on the internet and will change and bring revolution in the world of smartphones. One would certainly give away their iphones and s4's for this conceptual smartphone called phoneblok. This concept looks amazing and need more awareness among us so that we can protect our environment . As we all know mobile phones and their batteries are not recyclable and increasing to  electronic waste. This device will cut down waste and will also save the environment from electronic waste. What do you do if any hardware of your smartphone gets faulty , what if your phone's battery dies off. These things looks very small but  with billions and trillions of people around the globe , these small these adds to electronic waste. So to overcome this problem , a Dutch designer Dave Hawkins has proposed a LOGO type smartphone called PHONEBLOKS which would enable to change or swap hardware parts of your phone when they gets faulty or ages. So with this idea , you don't have to throw away your entire phone. If your antenna or battery dies off,  you can change them. If  you want a new display , you can simply change it so as other parts of your phone. This concept is in the developing stage . I have posted the link of phoneblok video by Dave Hawkins from youtube. It's my humble request to watch the video and support this amazing concept to save environment. Don't forget to press the Like Button on the video.
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