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There is a major major news for call of duty lovers.  It has been confirmed that no quickscoping is  allowed in cod ghosts.
 Quickscoping is a special trick which allows ability to quickly  aim down and shoot your opponent within fraction of a second.I personally think it's a very nice initiative taken by infinity by removing quick scoping which started from call of duty4 back

in 2007. When I first saw it. , I was like "what the he'll is that"  it looked cool and fascinating to me but with time quickscoping got very irritating. Most of the gamers do not like quickscoping,  I personally do not like it because  of my bad reflexes but there are people out there who only does quickscoping. It was started as it was very cool but started  irritating people who loves to be assault gunners a or smg gunners  but now finally cod ghosts have decided to put it to an end. There was an interview done by aus gamers , game designer Eric has confirmed that there isn't any quick scoping this time .
there have been a lot of changes in call of duty ghosts which includes sniper rifles now support dual render aim which looks amazing and some aspects and aim timing of sniper rifles have changed so  it's not possible to quick scope with those rifles anymore. I know a lot of gamers are disappointed with this initiative , but don't be heart broken guys , you can still snipe with the help of care packages which allows long range sniping gun and one can snipe from the helicopter.
There has been a lot of argument about quickscoping in the past when cod4 was launched some says it's a glitch and some says it's a specail play style for people whose reflexes are super fast.

I like to be a gunner in the game  , tell us what would you love to be
Cod ghosts is getting launched on 5th November this year  for ps4 , pc and xbox one.
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