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                                     GALAXY NOTE3 VS LG G2

Today  we are going to compare 2 smartphones galaxy note3 and lg g2 which both will be released this October in us carriers and around the globe.
We have already discussed the specifications and hardware part of samsung galaxy note3 in our previous article and comparison review so today we are gonna emphasise more lg g2 which was announced back in August. Lets go through the comparison between these two flagships.

LG G2 comes witha 5 . 2 inches screen and according to lg.  It's the maximum screen which a hand can operate comfortably.

LG G2 has 5.7 inches giving resolution of 1920*1080 and a pixel density of 424 ppi. Though it's still less than galaxy s4 which gives 441 ppi. On the other hand galaxy note3 comes with 5.7 inches superamoled screen with 1920 *1080 resolution and a pixel density of only 386ppi. So my verdict for better screen goes to LG G2 with more crisp and sharp pictures.

Both LG G2 and Galaxy Note3 packs process from quallcomm,  lg g2 is packed with a powerful 2.3Ghz quad core snapdragon 800 processor with 330 adrenocortical gpu and galaxy note3  comes with 2.3 quad core snapdragon 800 with 330 adreno gpu.So processing power wise both are equal to eachother. Whichever phone you will get,  you will get fast processing speed.

LG g2 comes with 2gb of ram similar to galaxy s4 and experia z on the other hand galaxy note3 will be the first device to pack 3gb off ram on it.
So in terms of multi tasking 3gb will overshadow lg g2 2gb ram.

LG g2 has 13 mega pixel  back camera which is capable of shooting 1080 video at 60fps and it's front camera is 2mp with 1080 resolution at 30 fps.
Galaxy note3 also has 13mp and 2mp front camera but galaxy note3 can shoot in 4k mode and it's front camera can recored videos at 1080 with 60fps . a galaxy note3 is the winner here hands down if you are planning to use front camera . as if now we haven't tested both the phones yet so we can't say whose pictures will be the best.

You will be disappointed with lg g2 as it only comes in 16gb and 32gb of memory with no micro as slot. For a smartphone like this 16gb seems very less. Galaxy note3 will come with 32gb and 6 4gb variant with a micro as slot . So galaxy note3 wins this sector hands down.

Galaxy note3 will come with 4.3version of jellybean android and lg g2 will come with 4.2.2 but soon lg g2 will be upgraded to 4.30

Both the device are 4 lte technology capable a and will have other services like blue tooth , wifi direct and nfc

galaxy note3 will be available by the end of October and is prices at $240 for 2 years contract and lg g2 is prices at $200 for 2 year contract. Both of them are just one month away.

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