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                       GALAXY NOTE3 VS GALAXY S4

Samsun galaxy note3 was announced 2 days ago and we think now is the right time to compare galaxy note3 and galaxy s4.
Galaxy s4 was released earlier this year which was one of the most selling phone from samsung,  do you think that galaxy note3 has what it takes to break galaxy s4's sales and record. Lets take a look.
The biggest difference between them is the screen difference,  note3 has 5.7 inches superamoled and galaxy s4 is packed with 5.0 inched superamoled.
The galaxy s4 is powered by 1.9Ghz quad core snapdragon 600 process and Galaxy Note3 is packed with 2.3Ghz quad core snapdragon 800 processor.

Note3 comes with amazing 3gb of Ram and galaxy S4 comes with super fast 2gb Ram . I personally belive ram is not much of a difference here unless you  are using more than 50 applications at the same time . S4  has stunning multi tasking capabilities and still gives 500gb of free ram.

galaxy note3 has 5.7 inches superamoled screen which gives a  screen resolution of 1920*1080 and with 386 ppi and galaxy S4 has 5.0 inches superamoled of same resolution with 441 ppi. Galaxy S4 wins this segment hands down. But 386 is not bad , personally speaking you can't tell the difference.


Galaxy note is a very big phone so it's very obvious that the battery will also be bigger. It's pack BATTERY ed with 3200mah battery
galaxy S4 on the other hand has 200 mag battery which gives a battery backup of 1 day.

Both the phones has 13 mega pixel of camera with lots of add on features like her mode , dual camera mode etc.

galaxy S4 was released with jellybean 4.2.2 and is  getting 4.30 on this October, on the other hand galaxy note3 will come with jellybean 4.3 version customer with samsung's touch wiz.
So which one are you getting. Just share your views on our comments section below and don't forget to like us on facebook