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Turn Galaxy S4 into Xperia Z

Hello guys today I am going to show you my personal galaxy s4  homescreen which exactly look alike sony ericsson  xperia z.  I am also going to share how I got this kind of homescreen with the use of some applications available on appstore.

Download  Apex Launcher and install it.Its a free application on playmarket

Download xperia z theme And install it.This xperia theme works will all kinds of launcher and Iis one of the best which also gives options to install xperia icon pack.

here are some screen shot s which I have taken from s4.

Apex launcher is one of the best launcher we have and gives lots of options to customize according to one's style. there are other launchers aswell like holo launcher , nova launcher , buzz launcher which you can choose from the play you can try those launchers aswell.

stay tuned for more updates on android and watch out for this blog.