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                  5  Free to play games for ps4
the much awaited sony's console ps4 is finally getting launch to public on 28thnov in europe and 15th nov in I am sharing some free to play launch titles which we are gonna get once it launches.
1. Blacklight : retribution
Blacklight :Retribution is a fps multiplayer game which Is a free to play game.its going to give competition to COD:Ghosts multiplayer and Battlefield4. This free to play provide tonnes of customisation for players.
2 . Warframe
Wareframe is a third persion type game for ps4 which is free to play. This game characters are based on a different world so you will see aliens shooting eachother.

3 .  Planetside2

4.DC Universe Online
Dc online is also free to play and is an arcade style fighting game with characters like batman , superman and all other characters from DC comics.This game ia for them who loves fighting style gamea like tekken , street fighter.
5. Warthunder
Warthunder is a simulation type game to fly planes whose storyline is based on world war2.

One of the best features of Sony's upcoming PS4 gaming console is its slate of free-to-play games. There's also a good number of free downloadable games that will be accessible to gamers through Sony's PlayStation Plus online membership. During the initial 12 months of the PS4 launch, you'll get to download free games.