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Hello guys today I am going to share my top 5 games for the latest released samsung galaxy note3 . Now  the world knows that galaxy note3 is the world's fastest smartphone which packs a powerfull 2.3  quad core snapdragon800 process which is the fastest processor as of now in the market with a very powerfull gpu so it should not come across any lag or compatibility issue with high end games.  I am sharing android games which are high end and takes a lot of power and performance to run
the first Android game we have on our list is :

this game has recently launched by game loft and is sitting on top shelf of every smartphone right now. it's an arcade style  racing game which has dynamic graphics and intense gives you intense experience of arcade racing . Asphalt8 has more than 40 cars to choose from and more than 9 world class locations and map to race . The best part about this game is its multiplayer,  it let's  you race online and one can share their records and high score on social site facebook with friends I highly recommend to download this game from the play market.

This game is also from game loft and was released back in 2011 when note was released and trust me guys , still it's one of the best fps game we have in the market . The graphics are stunning and would be more stunning on galaxy note3 5.7 inch screen . its an action fps game like call of duty for android platform. Download this game from play market for around $5 .

This game was released by electronic arts and is an simulation type racing game.its packaged with stunning and amazing graphics. and with more than 15 maps to choose from . This game has set some standards in the android gaming industry and is actually free in the play market. So don't hesitate to download this game.

This one also comes from game loft and is based on the move despicable where you play as minion.  This game has nice graphics and nice 3d style gaming , and with the recent update game loft have added some . more features and maps which makes this game perfect. its free aswell for android users.
now the last recommendation I have for you guys is my personal favourite

this game is also free and is based on social networking in which you can choose a dim according to your choose and interact with other sims,  this game is very addictive and id played online.
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                  5  Free to play games for ps4
the much awaited sony's console ps4 is finally getting launch to public on 28thnov in europe and 15th nov in I am sharing some free to play launch titles which we are gonna get once it launches.
1. Blacklight : retribution
Blacklight :Retribution is a fps multiplayer game which Is a free to play game.its going to give competition to COD:Ghosts multiplayer and Battlefield4. This free to play provide tonnes of customisation for players.
2 . Warframe
Wareframe is a third persion type game for ps4 which is free to play. This game characters are based on a different world so you will see aliens shooting eachother.

3 .  Planetside2

4.DC Universe Online
Dc online is also free to play and is an arcade style fighting game with characters like batman , superman and all other characters from DC comics.This game ia for them who loves fighting style gamea like tekken , street fighter.
5. Warthunder
Warthunder is a simulation type game to fly planes whose storyline is based on world war2.

One of the best features of Sony's upcoming PS4 gaming console is its slate of free-to-play games. There's also a good number of free downloadable games that will be accessible to gamers through Sony's PlayStation Plus online membership. During the initial 12 months of the PS4 launch, you'll get to download free games.