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Guys , We today I am going to show a very simple way to transfer your media files from your android phone to any other device like iphone, Mac or your ipad.

STEP1. Just download this app called SEND ANYWHERE from the play market and install it on your smartphone.

STEP2 . Just select any file which you want to share and press send button the application,  once you do that , a message will be sent to the other device and a 6 digit code will be generated.  Just put that 6 digit code on the app and within minutes you will get that file. Isn't that amazing. For sharing files between android and apple devices , it's a great app as iphone and I pads Do not have blue tooth or wifi direct options.

The best thing about this application is that there is no need to login or sign up to use this app. Just install and start sharing.
This app is free in the play market and  I have mentioned the download link to get this app.

Download link : send anywhere

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Everyone owns a smartphone nowadays and the chances are everyone would be wondering how to get more battery life from smartphones. Smartphones have conquer computers nowadays and are capable of doing what computers can do but the only area where they lack is their battery life.  Android is one of the most popular operating system and has more than 60% of the smartphone market. We all know what android operating system is capable off and how optimised it is for our devices. But still most of the smartphones only last a day. I remember my school days when I used to had pentium3 on my Computer  and now my smartphone has eight cores in it. The world has advanced so much.  I remember my Nokia phone which used to last 3 days on a single charge and now my phone only last a day.
There are plenty of apps in the market which says that they extendedProperty battery of phones but truly speaking none of them works.
I have tried so many apps and so many settings and tweaking but it didn't helped.
But there are some battery savers app which did worked for me actually. I am going to share my top recommended battery savers app.

1. Juice defendor
Am pretty sure you must have heard of juice defendor app which is one of the best app in the market. What if I tell you that it is and it's not.
If you are using the trial free version of this app , then it's not worth it and is not saving any juice for your smartphone. Trial version only disables mobile data when not in use which you can do manually aswell. I would recommend you to buy the paid supreme version which gives you tonnes of features  to play with
Juice defendor paid version actually worked and increases you battery life by 40%. I am personally using it and my galaxy s4 gives me more than 2 days of battery life with juice defendor enabled. I actually have taken a screen shot of my phone as a proof at the end of this article.

2 . longevity battery saver.
This one comes from trend micro and is a free app and  it saves battery upto 25%.
I really don't know what it does but I have personally tested it and it does gives you phone 25% more juice. My s4 ran for 1 day 15hrs with this one and most of the time  I was on wireless connection and  did watched some videos on YouTube.
I you don't want to but juice defendor paid app then I would recommend you to give longevity a try.

This is the screen shot of my galaxy s4 using juice defendor.

Please share your views which app are you  using in the comments section below and don't forget to like us on facebook.

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 We all know android smartphones comes with stock launchers which lacks customisation and other features  like samsung comes with touch wiz and htc comes with sense launcher.  There is no problem with these launchers but they lack customisation and  only displays one app drawer. So to help android lovers , android app developers have made some this party applications which works as launcher.
Today we are going to discuss some of the best app launchers in the play market.

This launcher provides high level of customisation and gives lots of features to play this. I own a galaxy s4 and personally uses apex launcher to get the most out of my galaxy s4.  Apex launcher provides upto 9 homescreen at the same time and with tonnes of theme and icon pack available,  this launcher rocks. I am going to show you how I made my GALAXY S4 INTO SONY XPERIA Z Check my screen shots . You can download APEX from the play market for free.

This one is one of the most used launcher for android phones and provides high level of customisation and themes. I find apex and nova similar to each other with same kind of settings and features. One of the main feature of nova launcher is  elastic scrolling. It makes the touch of your android drawer very fast , it is very much optimised. Like I said it's identical to apex,  provides upto 9 homescreen with ability to download icon packs from . Third parties.
This one can be downloaded free from play market but also comes witha a paid  version aswell. But I recommend to try free version first.

buzz launcher is different from the above two launchers in style and looks. This launcher is new in the market and comes with 80000 plus homescreen to choose from . The most important feature of this launcher is that it let's you to create your own home screen and share homescreen layout with others . It's highly customised and  improved. It's available for android 4.0 and above and it also let's you choose different wallpapers for different home screens. I am going to show you one of my galaxy s4 screen shot how this buzz launcher looks.

this one is one of the oldest and the most stable launcher.  It has been votes as the best launcher by android user and provide more than 10000 themes to choose and a very good development support. It has all the features that other launchers has but one main feature is its 3d support. In the recent update rolled by go ex developers , everyone can use its 3d core support service which gives stability and more speed to this launcher. This one is highly recommended .This launcher has two version,  one is free and full version is paid. Download this launcher from android market free of cost.


                           TOP 5 APPs FOR EBOOK LOVERS

Gone are those days when we used to read books , the world has revolutionised the way books are read today. Today no one goes to a book shop to buy their favourite authors and take it home. With the emerge of smartphones , we have 4 to 5 inches screen that via used to read books , read news on the go. E reading is the new area of books and reading today. Today I am going to share my top 4 applications where one can download and read ebooks on the go . so let's take a look

Everyone is aware of Amazon  and this digital book store came to India last year. Amazon application is available for android in the play market and for ios in the apple store . its called amazon Kindle which gives you tonnes of option to read and download ebooks,  articles and newspaper through their app . You'll also find some books in hindi aswell but most of them are available in English. I am adding a snapshot of Amazon Kindle for you taken from my smartphone.

MAGZTER is available for free for android , ios and windows phone. This app mostly includes magazine articles to read. It gives options to subscribe to your favourite magazines from the app . this app recently for updates and now supports 8 more languages. Almost every magazine is available to subscribe.

This app gives you many options to subscribe and read your favourite magazine and author. It's an Indian product. The good thing about this app is that it's available in many languages , suited for all kinds of readers across the globe . unfortunately this app is not made for android , it's only available for ios.

this one gives you access to more than 1 million ebooks to choose from. You name it and it's there and the pricing is also very affordable . one good thing about flipkart is it let's you buy a sample before purchasing any e book . it surely enhances your reading and gives lots of options.

So you have lots of options to choose from,  I like amazon  that's because downloads are faster in kindle and it gives great access to international author. But for india , rockstand is suited as it's gives different languages options to choose.

Please share your views which one do you prefer in the comments section below