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Guys , We today I am going to show a very simple way to transfer your media files from your android phone to any other device like iphone, Mac or your ipad.

STEP1. Just download this app called SEND ANYWHERE from the play market and install it on your smartphone.

STEP2 . Just select any file which you want to share and press send button the application,  once you do that , a message will be sent to the other device and a 6 digit code will be generated.  Just put that 6 digit code on the app and within minutes you will get that file. Isn't that amazing. For sharing files between android and apple devices , it's a great app as iphone and I pads Do not have blue tooth or wifi direct options.

The best thing about this application is that there is no need to login or sign up to use this app. Just install and start sharing.
This app is free in the play market and  I have mentioned the download link to get this app.

Download link : send anywhere

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Apple's new iphone 5 c series rumours are pilling up with leaked photos on the internet. Latest photos of iphone 5c show s that apple is following samsung's footsteps by applying poly carbonate cheap plastics on iphone 5c.

By looking at the leaked photos , it seems as iphone 5c  seems legit and will come in ipod type packaging.
Apple is expected to reveal iphone 5c and iphone 5s (gold edition) on 10th september. With leaked photos all around , apple 5c looks totally legit and a genuine product which should not cost much as compared to the flagship iphone5. It looks plasticky and cheap but cute. We have seen leaked photos of iphone 5c in multi colours with poly carbonate back cover with apple logo on it. At last apple has started knowing its customers  who have been looking for cheaper iphones.

Lets take a look  at the rumoured specifications and hardware of iphone 5c.
The 'c' stands for cheap or colour which is going to be alot cheaper than 5s. Its curvier plastic back looks more like a ipod which is build to takeover mid range smartphone market specially in countries like india , srilanka and russia.
5c will be launched in multiple colours as seen in leaked photos and is rumoured to have hardware very similar to iphone 5.
Dual core cpu
Tri core gpu
8 mega pixel camera
1.2 front fasing camera
Plastic back cover
4 inch screen
A6 processor
16gb , 32gb variants options

Software wise it will run ios7 but the rumour is that siri will be opted out from. 5c to differentiate from 's' series iphones. Budget iphone is rumoured to be priced around £320 in uk and $400 in us.
Now lets see on September 10th how this iphone 5c competes with other mid range smartphones.