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Today I have come up with some of the best looking racing games made for next gen consoles PS4 and xbox1 . as we all know ps4 and xbox1 are getting released in November this year. , with great amazing looking lineups. Ps4 is releasing on 15th Nov and xbox1 on 22nd Nov this year . I am very excited and the whole world.  Racing games with stunning graphics shows the performance and shear raw power of any console , no console is complete without racing games and fps games . today I have a list of top 5 best looking racing games for next generation consoles for you.
First one we have on our list is our very old electronic arts franchisee

EA is releasing another need for speed franchise called rivals for the next gen consoles . This game has stunning graphics and advanced Ai mechanism system. Rivals is an open world racing games where one can play as a cop  aswell. The story linen of this game is rivalry between cops and dangerous racers. I am very excited to play multiplayer of this game. NEED FOR RIVALS will be released on 15th November , same day as PS4.

Driveclub is made by Evolution game company who are also the makers of Motor storm franchise for ps3 and Ps2. This game will be available free of cost but with limited cars and maps
 For full game , one has to buy Blueray for this game . Driveclub looks amazing and has social interface system which allows user to update their high score and records on social networking sites . Driveclub is releasing on 15th Nov.

Forza5 is X box's exclusive and it's their 5th edition. It's on of the most popular game after gear of war series. Xbox have a lot of expectations from this game. This game looks amazing on the console and has some great cloud saving features which enable plates to save their ghost record on the cloud for their friends . It's getting released on this November.

This one comes from the famous gaming company UBISOFT and is a multi platform game made for ps4 , xbox1 and pc. This game provides high level of customisation and has more than 4600km of gameplay for gamers. Ubi soft have covered the whole America in this game . This game is more of a multiplayer social game where one can make their own crew with friends and race against others . like I  said it's a open world game with more than 4600km of gameplay.
now last but not the least we have

this one is Sony' exclusive and is one of the beat seller franchise from Sony . so sony has a lot of expectations from this none
gran turismo is a mixture of arcade and simulation which covers lovely tracks around the globe . one great important thing about this game is that it allows gamers to driver concept cars which may never hit the track.

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Today I have got one video by austin evans giving information about ps4 and xbox1 launch titles. He has made this very cool video and posted on his channel which shares information about all the launch titles which we are gonna get with ps4 and xbox1.
enjoy the video and do not forget to like and subscribe his channel.