Microsoft and nokia ,which got left behind in the technology stakes,have teamed up. Microsoft is buying nokia's line up of smartphones and a portfolia of patents and services is an attempt to stengthen its fight with apple and google to capture a slice of the lucrative mobile computing market.

The €5.44billion deal announced late on monday marks a major step in microsoft' push to transform itself into a company that delivers services on any kind of internet connected gadget.
Microsoft has been racing to catch up with customers who are increasingly pursuing their digital lives on smartphones and tablets than traditional pcs. Nokia lumia smartphones that run on Microsoft windows , have not managed to compete with iphone and android.
The deal has sparked speculations that stephen elop , who will step down as ceo of nokia could now emerge the top candidate to succed ballmer.
The nokia deal is microsoft's second expensive acquisition , behind the $8.5 billion purchase of calling card skype service.
Nokia's symbian mobile platform began losing fast to google led android phones , while windows had missed the handset revolution by being focused more on desktops than mobiles.but nokia was strong on handset manufacturing while microsoft was strong on software , making them natural partners.microsot and nokia both tried to control the emerging era of facebook and twitter but lost to Google's android and apple's iphone.
Its a good news for microsoft but the concern is what will happen to nokia centers in india.the company had cut 300 jobs in its f&d centres in bangalore , mumbai and hyderabad two years ago.its currently has around 1100 people working in R&D division in is the largest feature phone company in india with a 15.4% marketshare and aince feature phones account for 85% of the indian handset market.

The fine print of the deal :
Nokia ceo will be transferred to  microsoft.
Elop will be replaced by nokia chairman risto sillasmaa.
Microsoft gets a 10 yr non exclusive purchase is set to be completed by early 2014.
Microsoft gets more muscle power to compete with apple and google' android in future.