Nintendo 2ds is the latest game console manufactured by company 'nintendo' and is about to get released on 12th october this year.
Nintendo 2ds is a downgraded version of 3ds or you can say entry level version of its predecessor nintendo 3ds with software and hardware specs exactly same as found on 3ds.

Nintendo 2ds is exactly the same as 3ds in terms of software part but ita design has certainly changed to more of a slate type design .
2ds is compatible with all the games of 3ds and ds.
Its two screen are of same size as found on 3ds but the difference is the upper acreen on 2ds does not render graphics in 3D.
Its capable of taking photos and pictures through ita outward facing camera and one can shoot videos in 3d which will be saved in a memory card , but you need to transfer those videos to a different device to output 3D videos.
The button layout and controls of the console ia same with some rearranging done with the home key which has been little inflated and the start and the selwct key have been raised to the right side of the touch. The layout of the buttons are perfect and its easy for fingers to reach the buttons. The look of the console is good but not in par as the sony vita. Gaming cartridges are loaded to the left side of the console ans headphone jack is situated on the far left and stylus and memory slot to the far right.
Lets take a look at the specifications of 2DS.
Storage capacity : 2gb of internal memory and 4gb of card included.

Display: upper 3.53" LCD@ 400 × 240 px
              Lower: 3.02" resistive screen

Weight : 260grams
Dimensions : Width: 14.4cm (5.7 in)Height: 12.7 cm (5.0 in)Depth: 2.03 cm (0.80 in)

Price : $129.99

Nintendo 2ds comes with an augmented battery and should last for 4 to 5 hrs on a single charge.
2ds is around $40 cheaper than 3 ds so one can say its an entey level will come in red and blue colour.

The year of 2013 will be known for gamers around the world  with the launch of 3 new gaming consoles. After nintendo 2ds we have ps4 and xbox1 line up to be released. Now lets wait and watch how this little 2ds does in the gaming world.