samsung has finally revealed their new phablet  galaxy note3  in a press conference which is finally going to be released on 25th september this year.
Galaxy note3 would be the fastest  smartphone in the galaxy family after galaxy s4. According to samsung its lighter and slimmer as campared to its predecessors. Galaxy note3 will be released on 25th september  and comes out later in october in US. It will be bundled in two variants 16gb and 32gb with an expensive price tag. One can assume to pay $600 for this phablet which will be the smartest phone.
If you love technology and loves to be ahead in the technology trend race , then certainly you will love galaxy note3 as it is packed with the best hardware available in the market.
Lets take a further detailed look into the specifications and hardware stuff.

Galaxy note3 is packed with their winning formula AMOLED screen which is now bigger than note2 (5.7 inches) and still comes witha pen stylus.
3GB RAM . Yes ,you saw it right. Its packed with 3gb of ram and comes with 2.3 clocked quad core processor snapdragon 800 power ,  13mega pixel led front camera and 2mp front camera.
It only weight 168gm and is 8.3mm thin and packs a 3200mah battery. Galaxy note3 will have a leather finish back cover .

Now lets check the software of this smartphone
Galaxy note3 will come with android 4.3version and will retain its very important feature S pen which distinguish note series from galaxy's 's' series smartphones. It will pack a s pen feature which I mainly used for notepad and artistic stuff and for memo.
Galaxy note3 for sure is a multi tasker , witha screen like this , multi tasking feature of samsung touchwiz will sure fit this device.

Now one thing which really concern me  , is samsung really consumer friendly. Look at the speed of their manufacturing department , $600 galaxy s4 was released back in april and now they have come up with another galaxy phone but we cannot blame them , world likes to be ahead in the technology race.
Lets wait and see how this new phablet does in the market once it gets released.

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